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Pob Studio is an independent NFT production studio.

Who we are

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Pob Studio

Pob Studio was founded in 2020 to push the envelope of NFT art production. Our mission is straightforward:

To produce novel NFTs invoking meaningful experiences that change people.

Our artwork is designed to invoke an “aha” moment of realization that NFT’s are more than just monkey pics or “jpegs”.

We work to push the boundaries of art.


Small but full of heart

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aka David S.

Dave founded Pob Studio to be a sanctuary to ask and answer questions about crypto as an artistic medium. Dave is an ex-defi/dapp engineer, generative artist, and the technical backbone of the studio.

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aka Christian V.

Christian is Pob Studio’s Producer. An entrepreneur, strategist, and business operator, Christian’s work plays a critical role in the ongoings of the studio and project development.

Our Values

Into the fray

Despite challenges we anticipate, we choose to be the man in the arena and embrace the risk of producing new art experiences.

Steward our values

Our collectors come first and we hold ourselves to the highest standards of what it means to be a responsible creator.

Let the art free

Our art is an expression of evolving beliefs embodied in each of our works.

Art for art's sake

Above all, our love for art is the reason we create.

Crafted with ❥❥❥ · Est. 2020 · Crafted with ❥❥❥ ·Pob
Crafted with ❥❥❥ · Est. 2020 · Crafted with ❥❥❥ ·Pob
Crafted with ❥❥❥ · Est. 2020 · Crafted with ❥❥❥ ·Pob
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is an independent NFT production studio?

We are a small studio, we work for ourselves, and we are free to produce any project that inspires us.

Is Pob Studio a DAO?

No, we are a company that operates in the web3 space.

What is Pob Studio's roadmap?

We do not have a specific road map to disclose publicly; we are always working towards our mission through projects, content, and other experiences.

What do we mean by 'change people' through NFTs?

We want to change peoples' fundamental understanding and perceptions of the “NFT” and what it means to produce NFT art.

Why do we make art?

Because we love the process of making art, from pre-production to development to getting our art in the hands of others.

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"It is the nature of a thing that matters, not its form." - Kratos