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Our vision is to steward independent NFT production and amplify new mediums of expression for creatives. NFT production is the process of creating an NFT, or non-fungible token, a unique digital asset on a blockchain that can be used to represent ownership of different things, such as artwork, music, in-game items, and more. These are the earliest use cases of NFTs, as most understand them. At Pob Studio, we see things differently and recognize the untapped potential of tokens as a medium for production. We work to expand people’s perceptions of what NFTs are as a medium for artistic expression.

A New Genre of Production

At Pob Studio, we see a new genre of independent production taking shape—born out of advancements in blockchain technologies, the adoption of tokenization standards, and new technical forms of producing art. This new genre of indie production on blockchain protocols is being forged by a new class of engineers and creatives empowered by the token medium. Reminiscent of the 1970s and 1980s, when amateur developers created the earliest forms of games and software for what would become the next generation of the internet, built around the adoption of the personal computer.

Tokenizing Ideas

Our work reflects deep thinking around current token standards and concepts that have evolved from blockchain mechanics, interpreting on-chain data, and developing smart contracts that express our ideas in the form of generative art. The process of tokenizing our artwork is an important part of production that encapsulates our ideas into a distributable and open medium formatted for the next generation of the internet. We secure the art on a blockchain through tokenization and give the ownership rights to our collectors via the NFT itself. When somebody mints a Pob Studio NFT, they are realizing an idea developed from a place of passionate curiosity and technical exploration and helping us bring to life new ways to experience art.

What is tokenization to the studio?

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Tokenization refers to the process of programmatically converting artwork and other things into a unique digital asset or non-fungible token. This NFT is stored on a blockchain network and represents ownership and provenance of the artwork. Tokenization is considered throughout the entire NFT production process and determines how our art can be experienced.

The NFT Production Process

We recognize that NFT production shares similarities with conventional production processes used by indie studios and larger companies in legacy industries. Production begins with the conception of an idea and continues through pre-production planning, project development, post-production planning, and the release of the project. The distinction is that NFT production studios develop tokens as a medium to express their ideas and to distribute their works online. Entirely new marketplaces and standards are forming around the token medium, and Pob Studio is focused on pushing the boundaries of the way we think about tokens in art production.

Sharing The Journey

Pob Studio is built for the long haul and we believe that by letting others in on the NFT production process we can inspire artists, creators, and businesses to think differently about NFTs. By sharing our journey, we aim to change peoples understanding of how tokens can be used to create novel experiences and help define this new genre of production. We love the process of NFT art production and ultimately, we create art for the sake of creating art. Through market highs and lows, we look forward to sharing our journey as we work towards the future of NFTs.

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