Onchain Summer

It's your story this summer

Celebrate it, onchain.

Tokenizing blockchain history to tell
crypto's stories.

Welcome to the Ethverse.

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Ethverse. Explore where the blockchain becomes art.

Discover a multichain family of projects
that transform blockchain history
into art.
Ethverse Awaits
Terrene Hiraeth
Digital relics, born
from transaction records.
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Terrene Exeo
Interactive worlds, reflecting
vibrant NFT communities.
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Ethverse Storytelling


Do your thing. Ethverse is always up-to-date with the latest transactions information on supported blockchains.


A personalized experience. Rediscover every transaction, every NFT collection, re-imagined with generative art.


Mint art history. You decide which moments to tokenize, what stories to tell, and collect relics of the Ethverse.


No additional metaverse required

No Degenerate Token-Mechanics, Whitelists, or Gatekeeping.
Continue as you are. Open to everyone.

Curated by You

No core team. No DAO. You decide what to mint and which moments of the Ethverse are worth celebrating.

Blockchain Fast.

The moment a record is created, Ethverse reflects this and generates digital relics on demand.

Mint Ceremoniously

Optimistic by design, effortlessly visualizes the future of crypto. Curate and mint the moments that matter.

Scarce Storytelling

Every record of history is scarce in the Ethverse. Once an NFT is minted, it captures history that cannot be minted again.

Permanent & Uncensorable

No intermediaries. All metadata is securely stored onchain, ensuring our NFTs are designed to be timeless.

Have Fun, Your Way

Explore a shared world. Hunt for historical digital artifacts and collect personal mementoes.

Stay Informed

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