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The Collector Std.

Created by Pob Studio, The Collector Std. is a testament to our conviction that exceptional NFT production demands an NFT smart contract design that puts collectors first.

Even Odd is our inaugural project created with The Collector Std. While our previous projects each possess unique characteristics, they nonetheless share a similar underlying philosophy.

NFT Contracts, Today*

The current industry standard for NFT contracts is built and optimized for flexibility around core teams and artists, at the sacrifice of what we call Collector Sovereignty.

The Collector Std.

The Collector Std. is designed to maximize Collector Sovereignty by reducing centralization, increased transparency, and ensuring NFT metadata is permanent and only controlled by collectors.

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The current ways metadata is stored doesn’t guarantee it will always be accessible. We believe a healthy dialogue between teams and collectors can ensure collectors assets they own will exist unchanged.

On-chain Metadata

The Collector Std. puts all NFT metadata on-chain. This ensures collectors that their metadata will always be accessible as long as their NFT exists on the blockchain, independently from Pob Studio or other storage layers.

Enforcing Secondary Market Revenue

To enforce secondary market fees and guarantee revenue for core teams, contracts are often designed with blacklists that centralize control in the hands of core teams.

0% Secondary Market Fee

No blacklists means no secondary market fees and no restrictions on who can purchase our NFTs. The Collector Std. ensures that nobody, without your approval, can control who, where, or how an NFT in traded.

Admin Rights, Forever

Most NFT’s are not designed to have their administrative rights revoked. This is not malicious and exists because a number of important functions are directly controlled by a single admin.

Admin Rights, Removed Over Time

The Collector Std. design splits administrative roles into subset roles. This gives the capability to surrender subset admin rights while ensuring Pob Studio can facilitate required actions as the NFT's administrator.

Upgradeable NFT Contracts

While NFT contracts that are upgradable by core teams increases creativity, this requires total trust from collectors that teams will preserve the quality of their NFT and operate in good faith.

Consistent NFT Contracts

The Collector Std. opts for transparent and consistent proxy contract designs. Contract upgradeability is designed to be renounced by Pob Studio. This ensures collectors that their NFTs will have no unexpected changes or back doors installed in the contract.

Quirky NFT Collection Supply’s

It’s common for NFT collections to have separate allocations of NFT’s reserved for core teams and other use cases. This is typically designed by project-specific code and can be obscured from collectors.

Transparent NFT collection Supply’s

The Collector Std. features minting groups to ensure a collections total token supply and allocations are accessible to collectors and gives the capability for allocations to be time-locked.

Built For Teams

Many NFTs are designed with the underlying assumption that a team will exist to facilitate and maintain the NFT.

Built For Collectors

The Collector Std. is designed to outlive Pob Studio. NFT’s are designed for minimal up-keep and collectors can be confident their NFT is built to last.

*Our comparisons are to the current expressions of NFTs designed in the industry and do not refer to any specific project.

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