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First Transaction

First Transaction




Terrene Exeo

1 Billionth Transaction

1 Billionth Transaction




Terrene Exeo

ZRX Genesis

ZRX Genesis




Terrene Exeo

- collectors, - stories unfolding in the Ethverse
What's the   Ethverse?

Ethereum celebrating
the Ethereum way.

The Ethverse reimagines the Ethereum blockchain with interactive and dynamic generative art.

A never-ending expanse of history, complete with its own cultures, communities, and inhabitants, Ethereum is a universe that evolves with each recorded moment.

A way for you to tell your stories on-chain and celebrate others painting in the details of our shared canvas.

Collectively, our experiences lend meaning to the otherwise dormant block space and bring the EVM to life.

This is our Ethverse.

Ethverse Storytelling

Explore the Ethverse


Visualize Ethereum
transactions as art

ZRX Genesis

Txn Hash


21 gwei
78926 gas limit
6 nonce
0 eth value

ZRX Token Genesis

Small grid
Smooth texture
Low complexity
Low size diversity

Every action, big or small, historic or personal, are all recorded on Ethereum as transactions. Hash visualizesevery transaction, from the first transaction ever to the latest block, as generative art.

One txn, one Hash

Collect moments of Ethereum history. Each txn is unique and can only be used to mint a Hash once.

Tell your story

Add context behind your txn. Edit titles. Edit descriptions. Add tweets. Tell stories and enrich Ethereum.

Terrene Exeo

Visualize NFT collections
as living worlds

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Minting Soon

NFT Collection

ZRX Genesis

Autoglyphs #1-500

#1 - 0x8088...527e
#2 - 0x8088...527e
#3 - 0x8088...527e
#500 - 0x5617...55F2

NFTs are the bedrock of Ethereum culture and community. Terrene Exeo gathers information about NFT collections and their owners and visualizes that data as worlds containing dynamically generated roads, buildings, and other compositional features. NFTs are the bedrock of Ethereum culture and community.

Live and on-chain

Live and dynamic on-chain worlds, updating with every NFT transfer. No external servers. All hosted on Ethereum.

Find your neighbors

Visualize NFT owners as worlds. Say high to your neighbors. Discover whales. See owners come and go.

Minting Ethverse

How the Ethverse works

Just do your thing.

The Ethverse is about celebrating Ethereum. So, just do your thing. Send ETH, interact with dapps, collect NFTs, create memories.

Celebrate memories.

Every moment, every transaction, or every NFT collected, is captured and visualized as generative art in the Ethverse in the moment that on-chain record is formed. Experience your memories.

Tokenize moments.

While every moment is visualized by the Ethverse, you decide what's stories need to be told. Mint memories that matters.

Experience Ethverse

We are the Ethverse observing ourselves

Multitudes of ways to experience the Ethverse, with more to come.


Your year-in-review, on Ethereum

Immerse yourself in a curated collection of your most memorable moments on Ethereum. First txn? Largest sale? First NFT mint? Your milestones, all part of your Saga.



Moments to remember

First Transaction


First Inbound Eth Transfer


Largest Eth Transfer Out


Highest gas price paid

- gwei

Terrene Example

Experience live worlds populated by NFT token holders.

Explore Terrene Exeo

Most ERC-721 Std
NFT works.

Search & visualize any transaction

No additional metaverse required

No degenerate token-mechanics, whitelists, or gate-keeping.
Just Ethereum. Continue as is.

Curated by you

No core team or DAO dictates which stories are minted on the Ethverse. All moments on Ethereum are worth celebrating.

Speed of Ethereum

The moment history happens on Ethereum, the Ethverse is ready and reflects this, generating and visualizing art on demand.

Mint ceremoniously

Optimistic by nature. Immediately visualize everything on Ethereum. Decide what's worth minting.

Scarce Storytelling

Stories, both personal and told by others, are scarce in the Ethverse. Once an Ethverse NFT is minted, it cannot be minted again.

Permanent. Uncensorable.

No middleman and no gate-keeping. Mint any story. Your metadata is secure on-chain or IPFS. Designed to outlive Pob Studio.

Play, your way

Our collective canvas. Your open world. Hunt for historical digital artifacts and collect personal mementoes. Explore Ethereum, your way.

Frequently Asked Questions

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