Dear Hash Collectors,

The release of the Hash Genesis collection in 2020 marked the beginning of our journey as creators in this industry. 6822 moments of blockchain history were tokenized over 3 seasons of generative art. Each NFT tells a story and will continue to exist as is. Genesis, Saga, and Hunt collections are early remnants of Ethereum history and some of the earliest public work by Pob Studio.

Every Hash NFT collector will receive an exclusive Terrene Hiraeth NFT for each Hash NFT they own. Terrene Hiraeth is our latest collection and part of a multichain family of projects that transform blockchain history into art.

When you claim a Terrene Hiraeth NFT, your Hash NFT remains unaffected. By claiming the Terrene Hiraeth for your Hash NFT, you’ll also own an NFT from our latest collection of generative art.

Terrene Hiraeth was built with The Collector Std. and guarantees by design that your NFT will exist forever. All metadata is securely stored onchain, ensuring our NFTs are designed to be timeless and your blockchain history is never lost.

With passion,

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Hiraeth is here.

The next chapter of Hash's story.

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