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Explore across blockchain culture and heritage to discover and appreciate our world's beauty.

Terrene Hiraeth celebrates blockchain history. Discover
and tokenize transactions as relics.

Example of Hiraeth

Every transaction on


is a story of




and fortitude

Telling Our Folklore

We long for our stories
to be told. Every transaction
narrates a new tale.

Hiraeth definition


Welsh [here-eyeth]  ·  noun

A homesickness for a home to which you cannot return, a home which maybe never was; the nostalgia, the yearning, the grief for the lost places of your past.

Here Be Dragons

Like stories of old,
our lore and history are preserved
by relics and the legends we cherish.

Library of Alexandria
Scarcity Guaranteed

A scarce retelling of
our crypto stories.

Every transaction is represented by a one-of-a-kind Hiraeth. Rediscover history and unearth treasures like the hunters of old.

Multi-chain Storytelling

Where history unfolds,
and hidden relics lie.

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Available on 2 blockchains today, with plans to expand wherever history happens.

Dynamic NFT Metadata

Even our most cherished relics
gain character as they age.

Hiraeth degradation at 0
Hiraeth degradation at 1
Hiraeth degradation at 2
Hiraeth degradation at 3
Hiraeth degradation at 4
Hiraeth degradation at 5
Hiraeth degradation at 6
Hiraeth degradation at 7

Hiraeth reflects the age of the transaction it represents.
Over time, patina forms, enriching the narrative preserved.

Colors unveiled

Here comes the colors,
And I say, "It's alright".

Hiraeth degradation at 0
Hiraeth degradation at 1
Hiraeth degradation at 2
Hiraeth degradation at 3

Each Hiraeth captures the color of the moment. Color Palettes are unique to the destination of a txn.

example sigil
example sigil
example sigil

Sigils, symbols and
the mystery of story.

Sigils are pictorial signatures, representing events in a transaction.

example sigil

Crests, marking
your part in history

Crests are regal icons representing addresses in a transaction.

example sigil

The languages
of our crypto culture

Written into each relic are
encodings of transaction data.

Example of hash
Picking Up the Torch for Hash

The next generation of storytelling with transactions. Multichain, onchain, and a powerful new way to share our history.

Hash, created by Pob Studio in 2020, birthed the Ethverse. Since then, we’ve gained deep insights into our industry and continuously expanded our understanding of NFT production. Terrene Hiraeth emerged from our original vision to create the ultimate NFT storytelling experience.

History in a New Light.

Every Hash NFT collector can claim an exclusive Terrene Hiraeth NFT for each Hash NFT they own.

In preserving the scarcity and sanctity of Hash and our community, all Hash NFTs will remain unchanged. Hiraeth can be minted for free by Hash owners who desire to see history in a new light.

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Example of hash saga
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“We begin by remembering how we got here.” - Excerpt from "Ode to beauty proven" by Pob Studio