Frequently Asked Questions

How can I figure out if my address is even or odd?

Addresses are large numbers, typically presented in the form of a hexadecimal string starting with 0x.

You can simply look at the last digit of your address to determine if you are even of odd. Better yet, connect your wallet to Even v. Odd.

How do I mint on Base?

Ethereum is a layer-2 powered by OP-Stack and maintained/produced by Coinbase. Bridge Eth from mainnet here. Once you have bridged Eth, mint via our dapp.

What is 'unrevealed' metadata?

Typically NFT collections do not reveal the final metadata, i.e images, titles, descriptions, until after the mint.Even v. Odd have 2 collections, Even and Odd. Both are unrevealed and only one will have the final, generative-art metadata revealed.

When can I mint?

You can mint during the #OnchainSummer event. Minting will end precisely at Sep 1 1:00:AM. At the end of mint, Pob Studio will reveal the winning sides NFT metadata.

How will I know that my side won?

After minting closes, whichever side has the fewer total minted supply (including burns and mints) will be deemed winner.Pob Studio will announce such on Twitter/X.

What can I do to maximize my odds?

We recommend thoughtfully reading and interpreting the game rules of Even v. Odd. There is a number of strategies to play the game. For the technically adept, chasing for leading zeros can be rewarding.

How can I find addresses with leading zeros?

A number of libraries and scripts publicly available can be used to find addresses with leading zeros.

Note: We do not condone or audit any third party vanity-seeking address programs. Use them at your own risk.

What can I expect from the generative art metadata?

Even v. Odd will have fully on-chain generative art metadata revealed to the winning side. Stay tuned on Twitter/X for updates.

Join the fight. Even the odds.

Find your fellow brethren. Make sure your side wins.

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