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Even v. Odd

May your odds ever be even

Sample of Even v. Odd

Generative Metadata

Lowest total minted wins

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Even side won!

By a margin of 21 NFTS minted. Whew.

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Even v. Odd invites you to play a simple on-chain game.

Two NFT collections. One is Even and one is Odd. Both unrevealed until the end of the game.

Each wallet address is a unique hexadecimal number.

If you are an Even numbered address, you mint an NFT from the Even Collection. If you are an Odd numbered address, you mint an NFT from Odd Collection.

The side with the least amount of total mints by the end of the game wins.

The catch? Only the winners NFTs metadata will be updated to generative art. The losing sides art will be forever unrevealed.

Ladies and gentlemen, let the Games begin!

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How to Play: Game Rules

Even v. Odd is an open edition with two NFT collections: Evenand Odd Collections. Both can be minted for 0.0005 ETH from now until Sep 1 1:00:AM, which marks the end of #OnchainSummer.

  • Both Even and Odd collections are currently unrevealed.
  • Even numbered address can only mint from the Even Collection.
  • Odd numbered address can only mint from the Odd Collection.
  • One NFT collection will have its metadata revealed.
  • The Winner of the generative art’s metadata is determined by the collection with the smallest minted supply.

This is a fight for metadata and art. And winning is not so simple...

You really thought it would be as easy as aping your ETH into these NFTs, didn’t you anon? Do you mint and lower your sides chance to win? Do you hold off on minting? Do you use a different wallet to win? How you play is up to you.

There is an in-game advantage worth noting!

Addresses with leading zeros have distinct advantage in Even v. Odd.

  • Addresses with greater than 3 leading zeros can increase their sides change of winning by "attacking" the other collection with each mint.
  • For every leading zero following the first 3 in an address, you will simultaneously mint and burn NFTs on the opposing side with each NFT you mint from your side. (leading zeros - 3)

Example: 0x00000000123...123, an Odd numbered addresseswith 8 leading zeros. In this case, every time you mint an NFT from the Odd collection, you will mint 1 NFT from the Odd collection and simultaneously mint and burn 5 from the Even collection NFTs.

Exploit wallet addresses with multiple leading zeros to increase your sides odds winning.

function _getNumBurns(address addr) internal view returns (uint64) { uint leadingZeroes = _getLeadingZeroes(addr); if (leadingZeros < minZerosForBurn) return 0; return uint64(leadingZeroes - minZerosForBurn); } function _burn(uint id, uint64 numBurns) internal { oddCollection.mint(id, address(0xdead), numBurns); } // function for minting if you are an even numbered addr function mintAndBurn( address to, uint64 numMints ) public payable callerIsNotContract { if(uint160(to) % 2 != 0){ revert AddressIsNotEven(); } // mints from your side _mintAndFlatPricePay(to, numMints, 0); // burns from opposing side _burn(1, numMints * _getNumBurns(to)); }

Fully on-chain · Est. 2023 · Collector Focused ·721C
By Collectors, For Collectors

Powered by The Collector Std.

Even v. Odd is created with The Collector Std.. We developed The Collector Std. to reflect our values and guarantee:

  • Permanent metadata, everything is on-chain, live, and dynamic. No server is ever involved.
  • All projects are designed for progressive decentralization. Meaning that all admin controls are designed to be revoked in the future.
  • 0% secondary market fees, no blacklist. No nonsense.
  • Transparent minting design to ensure consistent NFT token supply. No funny business.

Projects powered by The Collector Std. are made to last and will exist as long as the EVM.

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Join the fight. Even the odds.

Find your fellow brethren. Make sure your side wins.

“Math is never just numbers. In the wrong hands, it's a weapon. In the right hands, deliverance.” - Hari Seldon