Frequently Asked Questions

How is art made from NFT contracts?

Data is collected from smart contracts on Ethereum and interpreted by Terrene Exeo to create tokenized generative contract art.

Terrene Exeo NFT’s were created to have permanent metadata, exist completely onchain, and are live worlds that are dynamically changing as collections see changes in their holders. Additionally, Terrene Exeo has a transparent minting design to ensure consistent NFT token supply.

Terrene Exeo is a demonstration of the bleeding edge of NFT design.

How does Terrene Exeo work?

With a set of bespoke smart contracts, Terrene Exeo collects a collection’s token holder information from the blockchain and utilizes sample data to produce generative art.

Terrene Exeo NFT’s were created to have permanent metadata, exist completely onchain, and are live worlds that are dynamically changing as collections see changes in their holders.

No server is ever involved.

Learn how the generative art works with collector information here.

What are the benefits of my NFT being fully onchain?

There are many inherent benefits to an NFT existing fully onchain.

Once an NFT is minted, it will exist forever. That NFT will only reflect changes according to the NFT community that it represents. Once minted, Terrene Exeo does not require Pob Studio to exist.

Built in alignment with our values, Terrene Exeo is built for collectors, by collectors.

Artistically, existing fully onchain is the only possible way to produce Terrene Exeo.

How do I mint a Terrene Exeo?

Terrene Exeo scarcity enforces that each Terrene Exeo represents a specific set of 500 NFT’s from an NFT collection. Note that once a Terrene Exeo is minted, that range of NFT’s can not be minted again.

For example: The Azuki collection has 10,000 NFT’s. This means a maximum of 20 (10000 / 500) NFT’s representing different neighborhoods of Azuki NFTs can be minted.

Details for the Terrene Exeo minting supply and auction design will be revealed soon.

How do I enjoy Terrene Exeo today?

You can still make the most of Terrene Exeo today:

Terrene Exeo is about exploring and experiencing a new relationship with NFT collections you love and collect.

Learn how to use Terrene Exeo and explore a limited number of curations produced by Pob Studio. In the future, you’ll be able to search for any NFT collection and curate a cart of Terrene Exeo that you would like to mint in the future auction.

Terrene Exeo is incredibly capable and will allow for super-EVM users to extract the maximum potential of its capabilities. Terrene Exeo supports most pre-ERC-721 NFT contracts and it will be up to community members to find them.

Does Terrene Exeo work with any NFT collection?

Terrene Exeo is designed to work with most NFT collections. Terrene Exeo works by collecting data from the blockchain by sampling a range of token ID’s from an NFT collection.

Due to gas constraints, Terrene Exeo will only support collections under 31000 in total supply size.** For non-sequential NFT token ID’s, such as ENS, Terrene Exeo will not work.**

**For super-users, this can be circumvented.

What if a NFT collection I want to see as a Terrene Exeo is still minting?

Terrene Exeo is dynamic and live. This means that as a collections grows, Terrene Exeo will grow with them.

In fact, you can mint Terrene Exeo that are currently empty generative worlds and expect that those worlds will dynamically update and populate with collectors as an NFT collection mints out.

On the opposite spectrum, you can also mint full generative worlds and expect it to become emptier as NFTs are burnt.

Do I need to understand the EVM to enjoy Terrene Exeo!

No. Our dApp experience has been designed to be approachable for NFT collectors at all levels of experience.

That said, Terrene Exeo is an expressive project with hidden potential. Some of of its potential can only be extracted by users willing to find obscure NFT contracts and tinker with Terrene Exeo to make it work. Users with an underlying understanding of the EVM and smart contracts will be able to explore the boundaries of Terrene Exeo.

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