Epics are a chronicle of monumental developments on Ethereum.

Celebrating the London Hard Fork

Celebrate Eth's transformation with novel NFTs.

Sample of London Gift

London Gift

Sample of London Embers

London Embers

Sample of London Embers

Banner made with London Gift

London backstory

London is a series of projects that started before the London Hard fork and culminated with the Merge upgrade to Ethereum.

London gas tokenPre-London hardfork

The $LONDON ERC20 token was released and was only minted at symbolic gas prices.

Gift shoppe opensLondon hardfork

London gift NFTs are revealed and minted only with $LONDON token.

Welcoming the London DAOPost-fork

London DAO is born and becomes the steward of the London story.

Growing the London storyPre-merge

Through new projects like Embers, London DAO continues to celebrate the hard fork's heritage.

A story to rememberPost-merge

After the merge, London has become an artifact and monument of our celebration.

Present Day
NFT Collection

London Gift

Collection of 8888 generative art pieces minted in memory of the hard fork

Art inspired by game development and texture synthesis algorithms.

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Sample of London Gift

Customize your gift

Tools for London Gift holders to create PFPs and Banners with their NFTs.

Sample of London Gift with Pfp

Pfp tool

Utilize a London Gift as the background of popular PFP collections


Banner tool

We were inspired by our community members to build a tool that enables you to create an abstract banner with your London Gift

Sample of London Ember
NFT Collection

London Ember

Collection of generative art pieces minted by burning London Gift

A homage to Ethereum's transition to a PoS consensus protocol where ETH is burned on the network.

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Celebrating ETH continues with Merge

Own a part of London

Collect and enjoy London NFTs. Proudly made by Pob Studio.

"Let us never forget, the sprawling genius of a midnight dream."